Unapparent Wounds

by Gloria Nagy

A Beverly Hills Fable

Once there was a candy-counter City of Limitless options, where it was possible (if one was driven and romantic enough) to synthetically sweeten all values indefinitely. One day, a nice, sturdy midwestern couple arrived in this land unprepared, and disturbing things began to happen.

They were young and snug. Married since high school and without experience in the world of Mercedes and Movie Stars; she with her short basic brown perm, harlequin glasses, touch of pearlized pink lipstick and sensible shoes. He, about the same, with the absence of lipstick and the addition of horn-rims. He wanted to be a writer. She wanted to have children.

They did not smoke, and drank (only on special occasions) things concocted of tropical punch and rye with whipping cream. A nice, normal, ground-footed young couple.


Well written, tough, and glib.”
Los Angeles Herald Examiner

Nagy’s style is fresh, her pace brisk, her humor delightful.”
LA Times Book Review

Written with pizzaz, and insight…It has style and is in no way run-of-the-mill.”
West Coast Review of Books