Radio Blues

by Gloria Nagy

The Grim Reaper…

… clothes by Pauline Trigre, skull by Kenneth, black velvet cape by Norell- sliced through the freshly permed and frosted head of the famous radio and television therapist, Dr. Amora Sweet, testing for the first time the Sotheby’s diamond-and-platinum scythe, and left immediately for California to contaminate several tons of Mexican cheese before attending a dinner in his honor in Bel-Air.

One immaculate slice from this James Beard graduate achieved what twenty years of psychoanalysis, four husbands, countless lovers, Herbalife, and prayer failed to touch: the greatest case of sibling rivalry since the Smothers Brothers.


Gloria Nary is one terrifically funny talent. Roll over Woody Allen!”
—Alexandra Penney

A new comic genius has landed on earth. Radio Blues is sensational.”
—John Naisbitt, Author of Megatrends and Reinventing the Corporation