Looking For Leo

by Gloria Nagy

Three Ex-Wives, One Man on the Run.

They’re all looking for Leo—gorgeous, leonine Leo, with his searing aquamarine eyes and fatal attraction to women—three ex-wives in a very unlikely alliance….  Lindy, the desperate mother, Willa a blocked writer, and Bee bee, a gorgeous entertainer stalled in mid-career. All they want is the marrow in his irresistible bones–to save the life of the daughter he’s never known. But as Leo’s ex-wives scour the earth to find the scoundrel they hate to love, they rediscover each other, the courage to break all the rules, and a friendship that touches the soul….

From the hospital corridors of New York City to the lavish homes in Beverly Hills, from the bars of Hong Kong to a love nest in the Caribbean, Leo’s exes are hot on his trail, gunning for the gift of live from the man who got away….


Gloria Nagy’s style is fresh, her pace brisk, her humor delightful.” —Los Angeles Times

Nagy has been compared to Tom Wolfe and Nora Ephron….She’s as much a social critic as a novelist. Her insights are scalpel-sharp.” —Chicago Tribune

Hip, hilarious, heartbreaking.” —Cosmopolitan

A story of female bonding…imaginatively drawn characters and wickedly witty scenarios.” —Publisher’s Weekly