A House in the Hamptons

by Gloria Nagy

Even in the Hamptons, summer ends and truth begins

The Harts and the Jamiesons, two happy families who are best friends, love nothing more than kicking back for the summer in the Hamptons. But their apparently idyllic summer is disrupted when the dazzling golden girl whom both husbands adored in high school—and one briefly married—reappears on the scene, more irresistible than ever. Meanwhile, two upwardly mobile couples, led by a fiery redhead they call “The Match,” are hell-bent on “making it” with the in crowd. A hilarious and touching story, peopled by an eccentric and diverse cast of delightful characters who cannot help but make you laugh, and then make you cry.


More than a summer page turner…Ms. Nagy has slapped her well-heeled characters beyond what they thought they could bear, by making the unexpected manifest.” The New York Times

Tom Wolff, take note… A staggeringly honest book about a special piece of the American Dream.” Playboy magazine

Hilariously pierces the Seaside Social Set right through their Patagonias.” Los Angeles magazine

Gloria Nagy’s style is fresh, her pace brisk, her humor delightful.” Los Angeles Times

Who says money can’t buy happiness?…Spend a few days in A House in the Hamptons.” The Cincinnati Enquirer

Bubbling with plots and personalities…colorful, thoroughly likeable characters…fast paced and funny.” Booklist

Number one on your summer reading list. Honest…teary…hilarious…the thinking person’s fun fiction. Gloria Nagy is a comic genius with heart.” Patricia Auberdene, author of Megatrends 2000

Seashore of the Vanities…no beach bag will be complete this summer without a copy.” Trump magazine

Fabulous entertainment—and a quintessential summer read…combines a savvy urban sensibility with a sharp, sassy sense of humor to create a superb comedy of manners.” Kirkus Review

Amusing, hip, highly readable…keen observation and psychological insight.” Publisher’s Weekly

A House in the Hamptons is selling faster than NO. 25 sunscreen.” USA Today

Quicker than a gelato meltdown, mortality tips a designer hat at the best social gatherings. Temptation arrives wearing knock-you-down perfume and clingy white cashmere…there is a sense of history…mixed with social satire on the east end.” The New York Times

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Nagy knows people, Nagy knows places, Nagy knows prose…A House in the Hamptons is a tour de force—a ‘warts-and-all’ portrait that exposes an entire life-style with a perfect blend of insight, sarcasm, and tenderness. Nobody beats Nagy at creating outlandish characters and then making you care about them…[Her] writing is so adept and sensitive, she can take a staggering mix of characters…and humanize them until they seem as comfortable and familiar as the people next door…She can make you laugh and cry, and often on the same page.” The Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA)