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Buy Natural Selections, The Beauty, Virgin Kisses, Marriage, and iconic NYT Best Seller A House in the Hamptons now! Five of New York Times best-selling social satirist, Gloria Nagy’s novels are now back in print and available as e-books for the first time. NATURAL SELECTIONS, the dazzling, ground-breaking, original novel about transgenderism in the eighties; VIRGIN KISSES, her highly acclaimed and controversial first novel; THE BEAUTY, a mystery story with sharp social observation; A HOUSE IN THE HAMPTONS, still the cutting edge novel about the “City with Sand” summer folks and MARRIAGE, a cut to the bone, both the funny one and the marrow inside of a long-term relationship. These new editions are now available on Use the BUY TODAY link and look for the discount codes.

Natural Selections

“She would always remember the night before he died….”

And so begins Eve’s story. A story of tragedy and hope, humor and pathos, good and evil. Set in the 1980s when sexual stigmas were extreme, it is a story that celebrates the power of the human spirit to overcome despair and find grace.
NATURAL SELECTIONS is the bizarre yet touching story of Eve—a woman who transcends the rules of her family, society, religion, and even her own body to be true to herself. She is a woman trapped in a man’s form.

She was born Adam Richeleau, the youngest son of the aristocratic family, wealthy New Orleans Richeleaus—a family in which name and honor mean all. A family cursed as tragedy stikes every generation through death, insanity, and despair. This is Eve’s heritage and Adam’s burden.

Adam grows up knowing he is different, that his exterior does not match his feelings and beliefs inside. He longs to dance as a prima ballerina; he is happiest dressing in his sister’s clothing; and he is always mistaken for a girl. Yet, for his family’s sake, he hides his need to express his real self, never telling them the truth that would shatter them. He develops a deep spirituality and strength that enables him to endure his lonely, deceitful, painful life—a spirituality that comforts him when tragedy strikes his family with numbing speed and a strength that helps him make a decision. A decision that culminates in his own death and his rebirth as Eve.

As a woman, Eve emerges from her broken shell complete, serene, loving, and beautiful. And it is as a woman that Eve finally discovers love. Love with Nathan Poe—a cynical, alcoholic, burnt-out TV newscaster—who, when he meets Eve, is on the brink of self-discovery or self-destruction.

Yet Eve’s life is still far from easy, for her broken past returns to threaten her in the guise of Harley Kurtz, a self-proclaimed minister and evangelist.

NATURAL SELECTIONS focuses on the internal struggle for truth, strength, and compassion that each person must experience in order to survive. It is survival of the fittest—fittest in the sense of having the ability to love, risk, and believe. NATURAL SELECTIONS is a joyful account of triumph; triumph for anyone who has denied his true self in order to feel safe and acceptable in society.

With skill and compassion, Gloria Nagy has created vivid characters with real foibles, passions, and hopes. Her writing is fresh and vibrant, and the story she tells is provocative and enlightening.

With searing wit and compassion, Gloria Nagy’s Natural Selections taps into the issues of the eighties with fascinating precision. I couldn’t put it down.”

—Bonnie Straus, Hour Magazine


The Beauty

John Duckworth, part Yankee aristocrat and part “wharf rat” Irishman, cares for only four things in life: his emotionally fragile sister Faith; her precocious daughter Penelope; his feisty Irish grandmother; and Newport, Rhode Island, his hometown. But New York City is also the setting for Gloria Nagy’s novel; a city of hypocrisy, arrogance and greed—and when a new life beckons for John and Faith on Cape Cod, they jump at the chance, having no idea there is a giant curve ball awaiting them. Jasmine Jones, a beauty beyond compare who walks into their dream and doesn’t leave until their lives and loved ones are utterly destroyed. The Beauty is a novel of this moment with the feel of yesterday’s noir, and Nagy captures it perfectly with her trademark style and wit.

Question: What is enticing, thrilling and can cost you a day or a weekend? Answer: Gloria Nagy’s new novel, The Beauty.”

Norman Lear


Virgin Kisses

‘My name is Arthur Freedman. Psychiatrist and killer.  I make $400,000 in a good year (more in a bad one).  I am respected for my sanity, calm, cool and control. I am also a snob, a prick, a sadist; tense, anxious, alienated, a bad doctor and now a murderer.  I am, in sum, the American wet dream.’

With amazing insight and a devastating sense of the psychoanalytic process, Gloria Nagy explores the secret inner life of a Beverly Hills psychoanalyst who discovers the perfect patient for his fantasies of total sexual abandon. As Venus granted Pygmalion’s wish for the perfect “Ivory Virgin,” Dr. Freedman finds in Rose, his own tarnished and shop worn version to mold and form. What transpires between them and within him turns this very black comedy into a bizarre, hilarious and moving tragedy about the prices we pay for self-deception and the fear of being who we really are, wherever and to whomever that road may take us.

A lacerating, literate, funny and obscene expose.” Vogue


40-plus marrieds Annie and Mickey Wilder have been best friends since childhood. Recently transplanted from New York to California, thanks to Mickey’s stardom in a hit TV series, the Wilders and their two grown children are Hollywood’s dream family, and the envy of all their friends. Now it’s Thanksgiving Day, and Annie’s birthday. Her family is gathering for what she’s sure will degenerate into a celebration worthy of a Eugene O’Neil drama. She’s not far from wrong.

Soon, Annie and Mickey are questioning everything they ever wanted—or thought they wanted…including the one thing they assumed would last forever: their love for each other. Filled with Gloria Nagy’s trademark wit and wicked gift for satire, MARRIAGE is a wonderfully fresh, incisive portrait of a couple in crisis—and a funny, smart and moving look at midlife love.

…a page-turner with wit and insights into that rare animal, a long-lived marriage.”  Kirkus Review

A House in the Hamptons

The Harts and the Jamiesons, two happy families who are best friends, love nothing more than kicking back for the summer in the Hamptons. But their apparently idyllic summer is disrupted when the dazzling golden girl whom both husbands adored in high school—and one briefly married—reappears on the scene, more irresistible than ever.

Meanwhile, two upwardly mobile couples, led by a fiery redhead they call “The Match,” are hell-bent on “making it” with the in crowd. A hilarious and touching story, peopled by an eccentric and diverse cast of delightful characters who cannot help but make you laugh, and then make you cry.

“Ms. Nagy has slapped her well-heeled characters beyond what they though they could bear, by making the unexpected manifest.” The New York Times

Hilariously pierces the Seaside Social Set right through their Patagonias.” Los Angeles Magazine

The Beauty

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Virgin Kisses

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House Hamptons

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